A journey with challenge, A wish to reach the truth.

An undefinable and peculiar road trip and humanity interview.
To learn the truth of the world via fieldwork and in-depth conversations.

Season 1: Post-COVID19 Era - Is the world really getting worse?
Filming completed


IMpossible Season 1

Post-COVID19 Era - Is the world really getting worse?

It has been more than two years since the global outbreak of COVID-19. The pandemic has noticeably changed the international circumstances and people's lives. We can sense the gradual division of the world, with less cooperation and communication, and more conflicts and contradictions. In the first season of our series "IMpossible", we will start from the densely populated Western Europe to the sparsely populated Arctic Circle to explore the impact of the epidemic on different industries, discover people's stories during the pandemic and pursue the hope of the post-COVID19 era. We hope to have the following output in the first season:

  • To conduct in-depth interviews with different groups of people
  • To have an exploratory and unpredictable road trip
  • To summarize the above-mentioned points through a documentary
  • To gather more people to participate in our project

The filming of the first season has been completed, and all of them have entered the post-editing and publishing work.

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How to Participate

Join Us for An Interview

If you are currently on our itinerary and you have a story about the pandemic that you think is worth sharing, or a unique perspective on the world today, or you would like to refer your friends or leaders to have an interview with us. Please check our current location and contact us.

Become A Volunteer

If you are skilled and would like to help us with website operation, subtitles, video editing, etc., you are more than welcome to contact us. Or you are just around our current location in which you can assist in setting up equipment, or participate street interviews with others, please contact us.

Give Us Advices

Our team members have no professional journalist, post editor, videographer or article writers. We are a group of pure idealists, if you can give us professional advice, Do not hesitate to reach us. We all stay hungary, stay foolish.

Fund Our Project

This will remain temporarily closed. Our team want to be purely idealistic and focus on presenting quality content. Therefore, we DO NOT accept any commercial cooperation. But if you'd like to know something about our future plans after the first season, please contact us.

Watch Our Documentary

This is the easiest way to participate in our project. Our videos will be released on different platforms. You can choose the platform most suitable for you to watch and follow our account on this platform. In addition, there will be photos on our official website, and you are welcome to explore them.

Read Our Article

Our written output may be more serious and reflective than video material. The article will also be published on the official website and on different third-party platforms. You can choose the platform most suitable for you to read it, and you are welcome to comment on our article.


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Current Location and Schedule

General Schedule(main cities)
Maastricht(NL) 8 Aug-9 Aug interview finished
Aachen(DE) 10 Aug-14 Aug interview finished
Cologne(DE) 10 Aug-14 Aug Interview canceled
Dusseldorf(DE) 10 Aug-14 Aug interview finished
Dortmund(DE) 16 Aug-18 Aug Scheduled interview
Hanover(DE) 19 Aug-20 Aug Team Meeting
Hamburg(DE) 21 Aug-24 Aug interview finished
Lubeck(DE) 25 Aug-26 Aug interview finished
Odense(DK) 3 Sep-9 Sep interview finished
Copenhagen(DK) 10 Sep-13 Sep interview finished
Malmo(SE) 14 Sep-16 Sep interview finished
Gothenburg(SE) 17 Sep-20 Sep Travel adjustment
Oslo(NO) 21 Sep-26 Sep interview finished
Bergen(NO) 27 Sep-30 Sep interview finished
Trondheim(NO) 1 Oct-8 Oct interview finished
Tromsø(NO) 10 Oct-18 Oct interview finished
Rotterdam(NL) End of Oct. End of Season 1

Some highlights

Our value, Goal and Presentation

Our Value

歧路今安在?愿可摘星辰。Quoted from Chinese ancient poet Li Bai's two poems, "So many difficult roads, where is the real avenue(truth)?" in "Difficult Journey", and "Stars can be reached from high tower" in "Night Stay in Temple". The implication is that the current road in the world now is complex and unpredictable. To experience the world in our own journey and being able to pick the stars(truth).

Our Goal

The world is getting divided, information is becoming explosive, and different groups of people are having less and less dialogue. We hope to have a more dynamic and multi-dimensional understanding of the world and present it to more people through fieldwork and in-depth conversation. The goal is difficult to reach but impossible is possible when you realize 'IM'.

Our Presentation

We will present our values and goals in different ways. The specific performance is an exploratory road trip documentary, a series of in-depth interviews with thoughtful significance, and finally a series of articles and photographic works. Click on our platforms to explore.



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Co-founder&Video Editor

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Founder&Interview Host

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Video Editor & Article Editor

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Online Community Management

Campus Ambassador

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